electrical-equipmentFrom faulty components to issues during installation, our infrared electrical inspections are designed to locate problem areas before they become major issues. Using this technology as part of your Predictive and Preventive Maintenance programs will help reduce unscheduled downtime and allow for greater productivity.

infrared-electrical-equipmentAccording to the National Fire Protection Association, “routine infrared inspections of energized electrical systems should be performed annually prior to shut down. More frequent infrared inspections, for example, quarterly or semi-annually, should be performed where warranted by loss experience, installation of new electrical equipment, or changes in environmental, operational, or load conditions.” Since infrared thermography is a non-contact form of testing, there is no interruption of service needed to perform a quality inspection.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure


Our reporting software will allow for routes to be generated throughout your facility to ensure all equipment is monitored in order of importance to your operation. Contact us to see how we can help you add to or start a quality infrared inspection program of your electrical equipment.

Seagate Consulting Services is staffed with highly trained Level III Certified Infrared Thermographers equipped with high-resolution imagers to allow for a comprehensive inspection that will lead to a detailed report of any and all exceptions. Our reporting software also generates a cost savings analysis with every electrical report, further adding to the value you will receive with your inspection and report.