Roof Inspections and QA (RRO #0946, RCI)

Quality assurance observation of roofing projects is an important process for determining if the removal, installation, repair or maintenance of roofing materials or systems follow the scope and intent of the contract documents and are installed and executed in accordance with the accepted roofing practices and the contract documents.

Roof Inspections

Third-party roof inspections provide owners with facts that allow them to make informed decisions during construction. The vast majority of roof replacements are contracted directly between the owner and a roofing contractor. Such arrangements may leave both the design and quality assurance of a new roof to the lowest bidder or to a contractor who paves over this obvious conflict of interest with the promise of an extended warranty.

Low-Slope Roof Inspections

The quality assurance (QA) inspection of a low-slope roof system is, in most instances, the last line of defense to ensure that a roof assembly is properly installed to allow for a maximum level of effective service, past the duration of any warranty or guarantee issued by the roof system manufacturer.

roof inspections

While the overall integrity of the materials used in low-slope roof systems has routinely improved, they require a dedicated skill set to properly install to assure that the system will achieve the optimal level of effective service.