Thin Stone Veneer Inspections

This stone veneer is increasing in popularity and being used aesthetically for commercial and residential applications, giving buildings a rich, upscale look. There are a number of key installation/inspection points that must be followed to provide a properly performing system.

Thin Stone Veneer

Home-owners can achieve a classic stone built look and feel with Veneers.

Unfortunately, not all site personnel are properly trained to install these systems according to manufacturer’s specifications. A complete understanding of Substrate Preparation, Water Management Systems, Metal Lath spans & installation, Fasteners, Clearances, Mortar Selection, and setting SVU’s is imperative for a successful application. Water intrusion and resulting structural damage are far too common simply due to poor installation techniques.

Ensure Proper Installation with a Certified Inspector

Thin Stone Veneer

A thorough inspection, preferably throughout the entire installation process, ensures that the building owner isn’t met with unpleasant surprises from water intrusion and system failure in the future.

Troubleshooting failed existing thin stone veneer installations, pinpointing the cause of the failure, and directing the repair is best left to third-party professionals. Seagate Consulting Services provides these comprehensive services as well as Builder/Contractor/Owner Mediation, Warranty Disputes and Expert Witness Testimony.