Roof Scans

infrared-thermographyThrough the use of Infrared Thermography, areas of trapped moisture in insulated roof systems are identified and marked allowing for repairs to be made surgically. The obvious benefit to locating these areas of trapped moisture and having the ability to make spot repairs is a better performing roof system that will experience a longer service life. By marking directly on the roof, areas in need of repair can easily be seen by anyone standing on the roofs after the survey is performed.

How it works


During the day, the sun radiates energy onto the roof and into the roof substrate. At night, the roof then radiates the heat back into the atmosphere. Areas of the roof that are of a higher mass (wet) retain this heat longer than that of the lower mass (dry) areas. Infrared imagers detect this heat and “see” the warmer, higher mass areas, during the “window” of uneven heat dissipation.
Areas showing exceptions at the time of inspection are also tested with a non-invasive (Tramex) moisture meter. Core sampling can also be performed to verify non-invasive test results.

Why Seagate Consulting Services?


With over 30 years of roof troubleshooting experience and Level III Infrared Thermographer Certification, we supply you with more than just images of your roof. We create detailed, high-quality and easy to understand reports documenting roof moisture and areas of compromise. Roofing contractors can then use the information to write specifications to repair the roof.